SimPARTIX® - Particle-based simulations for process optimization.

SimPARTIX® stands for our competence in modeling the mechanics of materials and fluids using mesh-free methods. 

SimPARTIX® is also an innovative and powerful simulation tool developed at the Fraunhofer IWM.

Based on physical models, SimPARTIX® is used to investigate various materials in manufacturing processes and in service. This typically generates a large amount of data on the dynamical material behavior. By means of detailed analyses and visualizations of the data we provide in-depth insights into the fundamental dynamics of your processes. SimPARTIX® can therefore help you to grasp a full understanding of your applications and yield design specific optimization measures.

Our services, your benefits

Our range of services at a glance:

Comprehensive parametric studies of your application: no consumption of materials, no expensive trial-and-error cycles

Detailed analyses of the simulations to meet your specification

Accurate 3D visualization for a better understanding of the process or a meaningful presentation 

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Improving dental hygiene products through virtual brushing

Designing toothpastes and toothbrushes is a time-consuming process involving the production and testing of numerous samples. Using a new type of simulation, various parameters such as bristle shape and abrasive particle size can be modified with just a click. This enables...


Grinding the hardest to reach places within a component

It’s long established that flow grinding can be utilized to grind and polish the inner surfaces of components such as corners and drill holes: a fluid containing grinding particles is pumped through the component. However, flow dead zones can arise when a component has a complex form. In these cases, the flow stagnates at a specific spot, which results in the grinding process being ineffective in that area. To address this...

Use cases

SimPARTIX® has been successfully applied to problems from the following areas.

Powder technology: Fluidisation of cohesive powders; Prediction of density distributions for die filling and compaction; Determination of anisotropy properties for tape casting; Description of sedimentation during drying; Avoidance of crack formation during sintering

Turbomachinery: Tailored abrasive machining of surfaces

Bulk goods transport: Avoidance of erosive wear in pipes

Photovoltaics: Minimization of kerf loss during wire sawing of silicon wafers

Microelectronics: Reduction of track widths for screen printing of multi-layer circuits

Automotive: Maximization of torque transmission of magnetorheological clutches

Dental care: Optimization of the cleaning ability of toothpaste

Furthermore, SimPARTIX® is suited for the simulation of applications from the following fields.


Foodstuffs industry

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