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You, too, can benefit from SimPARTIX®: we can offer you tailored proposals to deal with your issues.

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You would very much like to deploy SimPARTIX® in your own applications? You have a certain problem that you wish to understand in more detail through simulation? Then we can offer you our tailored services. 

You can draw on our wealth of expertise in simulation and let us model your problem.


Services: this is how we can simulate your process


SimPARTIX® simulations help us to help you study your applications in detail, display them in a convincing way and carry out specific optimization measures. In doing so, you benefit from our many years of experience in the field of the numerical simulation of materials and fluids...  


Software license: you can purchase SimPARTIX

If you would like to deploy SimPARTIX® yourself, then you can purchase an individual license from us for your particular applications. However, owing to our many years of experience with simulation and the high-performance computer clusters available to us, we recommend that you check our services first...




We work together with a diverse group of partners from industry and science. With our expertise in the numerical simulation of granular materials and complex fluids, we can understand their processes better and advise on targeted optimization measures. We exchange information regularly with other researchers in the field of particle-based simulation so that we can offer our partners state-of-the-art solutions for their problems...