Services: this is how we can simulate your process

Our many years of experience with simulations can benefit you. We will be happy to make you an offer for the simulation of your process.

What we can do for you

SimPARTIX® simulations help us to help you study your applications in detail, display them in a convincing way and carry out specific optimization measures. In doing so, you benefit from our many years of experience in the field of the numerical simulation of materials and fluids.  
We can use our high-performance computer clusters to carry out systematic parametric studies, for example, to assess how variations in the production process can affect the quality of a component. Our numerical testing replaces physical experiments, which require a great technical input. For example, it is possible to alter material parameters such as particle size or viscosity in order to determine their influence. 
Furthermore, SimPARTIX® simulations provide you with a detailed insight into the microstructure of the material under investigation throughout the entire process. Accurate 3D visualization makes relationships even more obvious. In addition, changing variables such as forces, velocities or densities can be determined for any time and for every individual particle, and then displayed graphically without affecting the course of the numerical experiment.

And apart from all that SimPARTIX® can save you considerable costs: no consumption of materials, no expensive test rigs and laboratory cycles, no costly trial-and-error tests. You tell us your challenge and we do the rest.

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You contact us and explain your problem. Together we clarify the SimPARTIX® options available for your applications. 
Afterwards, we work jointly with you to draw up a schedule of work and a timetable, and prescribe the cooperation in detail. You supply us with the data we require and the issues most interesting for you. We carry out parametric studies and, based on the results of the simulation, we provide you with prognoses and a plan of action for your applications. 
Once you are in agreement with the schedule of work, we calculate the costs exactly and send you a quotation. You then have enough time to check the quotation and can then appoint us to carry out the project. We will happily sign a confidentiality agreement so that your sensitive data is safe with us.  
We supply you with interim reports at regular intervals throughout the project, keeping you up to date with progress. Once all the work has been completed, we prepare a detailed final report that contains all the results.

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The data we require from you

We need a few details from you in order to carry out tailored numerical SimPARTIX® simulations for your application. Firstly, we need information on the process, or test setup, that is to be modelled numerically. We also need data in order to characterize the materials to be used. 
In a best-case scenario you will have all the material properties yourself so that we can start our simulations without delay. In all other cases, however, we will be happy to characterize your material for you as part of our offer (e.g. particle size distribution and flowability of a powder, viscosity and surface tension of a fluid, etc.).
Finally, you specify the parameters that vary in the numerical experiments and the values that are to be measured in the simulation. For the evaluation of the data obtained from the simulation we need to know which analyzes are relevant with respect to your problem and together we draw up suitable visualisation options. We shall be happy to provide you with our proposals based on the experience we have already gained in the simulation of similar problems.

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