What is SimPARTIX®?

An innovative simulation code for applications in science and industry.

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SimPARTIX® unites the latest scientific findings in particle-based simulations with efficient, numerical algorithms.

Thanks to this innovative approach it is possible to simulate manufacturing processes and service performance of materials and complex fluids in a way that is hardly possible with mesh-based simulation techniques.
SimPARTIX® therefore represents a natural and flexible description of materials and fluids that enables you to design specific optimization measures for your applications. Efficiency and flexibility are the two key features of this software suite. Simulations with up to several million particles are therefore possible using SimPARTIX®.

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Particle method: an innovative approach to simulation

The fundamental principle of SimPARTIX® is simple: the material to be simulated is always represented in the computer in the form of individual particles. For example, in the case of a powder every individual grain is considered separately, which results in a far more realistic modeling of the powder’s behavior than is the case with simulation founded on conventional, continuum...


The power within: physics and numerics

The physics of fluids and granular media in combination with efficient numerics constitute the heart of SimPARTIX®...