Video gallery

Particle-based simulations for your applications

Fraunhofer IWM

On this page you find a selection of videos visualizing simulation results obtained using SimPARTIX®.

Spreading of a powder by a roller for additive manufacturing
Melting and solidifying of a powder during additive manufacturing
Angle of repose of a powder
Die filling for uniaxial compaction
Sintering of a complex geometry
Rotation of a tire on granular ground
Sweeping of cohesive grains
Spheres on an elastic membrane
Drying of a suspension droplet
Formation of a coffee ring during drying
Erosive wear in pipes
Tooth cleaning by air polishing
Toothbrush filaments of different stiffness
Abrasive flow machining for surface finishing
Material removal of ductile metal by an abrasive grain
Tensile test of a ductile metal sample
Three point bending test of a brittle material sample
Bulging and buckling of a hose under pressure
Fluid flow through a hose under gravity

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